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Success with Vstaar
The Medical Device for the Future


I have been using instrument adjusting since 2000. In fact, I have had just about every system. I came across the VTAAR recently, and was able to demo the system. What a difference! The biggest difference is the availability of higher frequencies to treat with. So what does this mean? It opens up the door to many more options in clearing out the abnormal joint mechanics and improving results, many times dramatically.


What do my patients say? At least 90% say they can tell a big difference with the VSTAAR and prefer to use this technology over my previous instrument. And just about all of my patients have said "impressive"!


Some additional advantages are the design of the instrument head. Ergonomically it has what I call a "pistol grip" which makes it easy to handle and control. The "feel" of the preload analysis and the impacts of the adjustment are exceptionally smooth and give a precision feel to the instrument


If you are an instrument practitioner and looking to upgrade, VSTAAR is worth looking at. If you are new to the instrument world, this system would be my first choice.


Scott Wittmer. DC

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