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Meet The Team


Dr. Kelly J. Allen


Dr. Allen is the world's foremost clinical and technical expert in computerized adjusting instruments technique and design. No one else has been involved in the development of every computerized instrument made in the world today other than Dr. Allen.


Orin Fisher

Chief Engineer

Orin Fisher’s experience is in product development in Silicon Valley and multiple large Aerospace companies. He has redefined “”State of the Art” in the computerized adjusting instrument field.

al torrence pic.png

Albert A. Torrence

Attorney & CEO

Albert Torrence is an attorney and was involved in a previous instrument startup that is the most used computer instrument in the world. He is now proud to be a part of the most advanced computerized instrument available in the world today.





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Bill Magiske

Chief Software Development Engineer

Bill Magiske has 28 years of experience in the development of machine vision, robotics, and automated systems. During his career, he has worked on hundreds of systems and has held positions of Programmer, Sr. Systems Developer, Project Manager, VP Engineering, CTO, and currently President of IRIS.
Bill is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh (86) with a BS in Computer Science, & a Minor in Mathematics. 


Elizabeth Hall
Digital Marketing Manager

Elizabeth brings her wealth of knowledge in the world of Social Media and Marketing to Spinal Acoustics. She handles all of the website design and Digital branding for VStaar. 

Larry Amati

Director of Sales & Chief Marketing Officer

In the field of computerized chiropractic instrumentation, Larry Amati brings seasoned experience as a salesperson in the industry. He has had experience in selling and marketing many of the computerized instruments available today, and will guide you honestly, without pressure or hype, to determine if the VStaar is right for you!

ED parel.HEIC

Dr. Ed Parello
Clinical Advisor

Dr. Parello brings with him 51+ years of clinical experience and has worked with state and national organizations. Dr. Parello has utilized many of the adjusting instruments available today and he believes that The VStaar is the most advanced analytical and adjusting instrument he has seen. He will demonstrate the instrument and show you how to integrate it into your practice.

Ed Shields

Director of Instrument Production & Quality Control

Ed Shields was a designer of nuclear power service equipment at Westinghouse Electric for 44 years and holds seven US patents. He retired from his position as Director of Engineering and Technology in 2017 and since has worked with Spinal Acoustic to continue to improve the VStaar application tool.

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